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International Language Centre Hong Kong

ILC was found in 2006, we are a Hong Kong-based professional language school, with our over 10 years teaching experience, we are offering full range of language learning programs for all people and all ages. We teach individuals, groups and companies, we teach different languages including Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, French, KoreanJapanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German and Arabic courses. In here, we are applying the most updated teaching methods and we are professionally offering private, group, corporate training. With more than 10 years experience and with our well trained and qualified language tutors and teachers' efforts, we became a very successful language school in Hong Kong.

Learn Mandarin

mandarin course hong kong

Mandarin Private 1 to 1 lesson
Regular Mandarin Group Class
Intensive Mandarin Group course
Chinese Reading and Writing Class
In-company Mandarin training
Business Mandarin Class

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Learn Cantonese

cantonese course hong kong

Cantonese Private Tutoring Lesson
Group Cantonese Classes
In-company Cantonese training
Cantonese lessons for Mandarin speakers
Beginner Class for Cantonese
Learn Business Cantonese

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Learn English

english course hong kong

Conversational English Course
Private 1 to 1 English lesson
In-company English language training
Learn Business English
English Presentation Skills classes
Workplace English Class

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Learn Japanese

 Japanese course hong kong

Japanese Private 1 to 1 lesson
Regular Japanese Group Class
Intensive Japanese Classes
In-company Japanese training
Japanese lessons for Exams

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Learn Korean

korean course

Korean Private 1 to 1 Tutoring
Korean Group Classes
In-company Korean training
Korean language lesson for Exam
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Learn Italian

Italian course hong kong

Conversational Italian Course
Private 1 to 1 Italian lesson
In-company Italian language training
Business Italian course

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Why You Should Learn a New Language


It is a very good idea to learn a new language regardless how old you are, what you do, where you live. There are many many good reasons why people should learn another language, for example learning Mandarin or Cantonese in Hong Kong other than their mother language. We summarized a few below.

  1. Good for your brain. Learning is process of thinking, remembering and practicing. Learning a new language will need you to use your brain everyday in a different aspect than your normal days, so it is proved to be helpful to prevent dementia (Studies have shown that certain types of dementia appear up to five years later for people who speak a second language compared with mono-linguists.)
  2. Good for communication skills. Communication is the key factor for successful life, learning a new language improve your communications skills, language tutors can help you to practice your presentation skills, group discussion skills, use informal and formal words in different circumstances.
  3. Good for your future career. According to a recent statistic, over 80% of company prefers to hire a candidate who is bilingual, learning a new language and speak it will make your future career much better and competitive. If you can speak the local language and another foreigner language like Spanish or Chinese, in most countries, you will have an advantage over your competitors.
  4. Good for your business. If you are trying to do business in China, learning Chinese(Mandarin or Cantonese) language seems is a must, since we all know that not many Chinese people can speak good English or any other languages, learning Chinese language becomes crucial when you do business with Chinese people, and China, for sure, is a huge market!
  5. Good for travelling. one of the good reasons for you to learn a foreign language is for travelling, since the world is connected nowadays. The online world has helped persons from opposite sides of the earth to connect very easily with each other, many people are learning English, and other people are learning Chinese. People love traveling now, European people like to travel to China and other Asian cities, Asian people are eager to go to Japan or Korea, learning their local languages will greatly help you to understand their cultures and make traveling more fun and enjoyable.

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