Korean Language Tutor in Hong Kong

I have been learning Korean over 10 years. If I don’t think learning Korean is fun, I would not have continued learning it for so many years. As I am interested in K-pop, Korean drama, movies and songs, learning Korean can help me understand more about Korean culture and it can help me understand better about the subtext of their
lyrics, scripts and etc. This better understanding brings more fun when watching these dramas and movies. It helps me to appreciate more about the Korean culture and its people.

I also like travelling to Korea during different seasons. Korea is a big country compared with Hong Kong and it has distinct four seasons. There are different natural scenery at different times. Being able to communicate in Korean with Korean people, it makes these travels much more fun. If you know some Korean, it will be much easier for trying local Korean food, doing shopping, taking mass transport.

Besides, being a Chinese, learning Korean is extra funny as many of the Korean nouns are originated from Chinese. The pronunciation and the meaning are similar to Chinese words. Therefore, being a Chinese has advantages in learning Korean than people of other nationalities. My Korean idol is So Ji Sub. Because of him, I had the drive of learning Korean at the very beginning. I wish that I can talk to him in Korean when one day I meet him in person. This also makes learningKorean fun when you have the incentive.