Mandarin Lesson Hong Kong

Mandarin Lesson Hong Kong


Taking Mandarin lesson in Hong Kong is essential in Hong Kong given that the market is growing rapidly in China and more and more connections between China an Hong Kong are built, there is no reason not to learn Mandarin language in Hong Kong if you would like to go further and get better for your career opportunity, even you are not looking for business sectors, but for living, for the ease of communication in Hong Kong or for your own interests, Mandarin Chinese is a very interesting language to learn, it has a very long history and full of fun in our Hong Kong Mandarin Lessons.

ILC, offers Mandarin lessons in Hong Kong, for beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level, for adults, companies and children. There are three types of methods you can choose from:

  • Private lesson: Good for quick improvement, flexible schedule, flexible in location, fits for students with unpredictable schedule
  • Group class: Good for interaction, suitable for students who have stable schedule.
  • In-Company training: Good for company students who want to take lessons in a group at their companies, tailor-made materials.

Why you should take Mandarin Lesson Hong Kong at our centre?

  1. We are passionate to teach this language!
  2. International Language Centre is located in a very convenient place in Central Hong Kong
  3. Our teachers/tutors are qualified with Master Degree in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language
  4. Tailor-made material made learning Chinese more fun and efficient
  5. Other than learning in a small classroom, we take our students out to talk to people and show them Hong Kong
  6. Flexible schedule and nice teacher make your life easier
  7. Variety of learning methods, private lessongroup course or company training, one must fit your need

Course outline for different levels:

Contents for Beginner Level:

  1. Chinese Pronunciation
  2. Greetings
  3. Introduction
  4. This and That
  5. How much is it
  6. I want a glass of beer
  7. Do you want this or that?
  8. Can I have a bigger one?
  9. Eating in a Chinese restaurant
  10. Food and Drinks

Contents for Intermediate Level:

  1. Buying clothes in China
  2. Inviting friends to have dinner
  3. I am sick
  4. Taking a holiday
  5. You speak very well
  6. Chinese holidays
  7. Travelling in China
  8. Surfing the Internet in China
  9. Buying a car in China
  10. Buying property in China

Contents for Advanced Level:

  1. China economy
  2. China pollution problem
  3. China housing problem
  4. Living in China
  5. Chinese and Western culture
  6. Chinese families
  7. Wedding in China
  8. Working in China
  9. Business meeting
  10. Business partner

Tips When You Take Mandarin Lesson in Hong Kong

Although Cantonese is the official language in Hong Kong, Mandarin is a growing language and it is spoken by more and more people here in Hong Kong, therefore, we provide mandarin lesson hong kong for all levels students, here are the most important skills you should learn when taking Mandarin classes in Hong Kong.

  • Pay 200% attention to Mandarin pinyin, pronunciation and the tones are the beginning of your lessons, it is the most factor to successfully learn this language.
  • Learn Chinese characters as soon as possible, since your teachers will tell you that Chinese characters are much easier than pronunciation.
  • Learn a max of 30 new words at day, will let you speak this language in 2 years.
  • Set a target when you learn this language, for example, take an official exam, HSK
  • Practice everyday if possible with your teacher, friends or colleagues
  • Try your best to immerse into this language, either take intensive Mandarin course or study intensively in the first 6 months.
  • Listen to Chinese musics, recommended singer Teresa Teng, one of the most famous and successful singers to originate from the Mandarin-speaking world.
  • Watch Chinese TV dramas or movies, learn Mandarin with fun and enjoyment!

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