Intermediate Mandarin Course

Mandarin Intermediate Course


This Mandarin Intermediate Course is designed for students who have completed Mandarin Beginner Course and intend to continue their study in Mandarin. More sentence structures and vocabularies will be introduced in this level, students are required to understand at minimum 200 Chinese words.


  • Students who completed Mandarin Beginner Course or experienced in speaking conversational Mandarin before.

  • Minimum Chinese words: 200

Syllabus for Mandarin Intermediate Course:

  • Lesson 1 What are you

  • Lesson 2 Traveling in China

  • Lesson 3 Culture Gap

  • Lesson 4 Review

  • Lesson 5 Surfing the Intemet in China

  • Lesson 6 Watching a Movie

  • Lesson 7 Chinese Families

  • Lesson 8 Review

  • Lesson 9 Housing in China

  • Lesson 10 Buying a Car in China

  • Lesson 11 Environmental Problems in China

  • Lesson 12 Review

  • Lesson 13 Our Leisure Life

  • Lesson 14 Chinese Poems

  • Lesson 15 Test

mandarin intermediate course

Frequently Asked Questions about Mandarin Intermediate Course

  1. How long do I need to get to Intermediate level from Beginner Level?

    Our Mandarin beginner course takes about 30 hours to complete, normally speaking, it takes about 2 months for you to get to Intermediate level

  2. How long is the intermediate level course for Mandarin?

    Depending on your spend, if you take private lessons, you may learn faster, on average, students take 6 months to 2 years to complete this level.

  3. Are we learning Chinese characters in this level?

    Yes, you will be learning up to 1,000 Chinese characters when you complete the course.

  4. Can I speake fluently after completing the course?

    You will be definitely more confident when speaking Chinese to your friends, colleagues or anybody else, for daily conversation, you will be able to communicate smoothly.

  5. Is there any exam I can take to see my level?

    Yes. An official Chinese language proficiency exam is called HSK can be taken for your Mandarin, after this level, you will be able to take level 4 or 5 in HSK, which has total 6 levels.


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