Business Mandarin Course

Business Mandarin Course


With no doubt that China is growing rapidly nowadays, it became the second biggest economical country in the world, there are more and more business activities happening in China and it bring all people lots of opportunities to do business here in China or Hong Kong. With fast growing GDP in mainland China, a large amount of foreigners are starting to move their business to China to get more businesses, learning Mandarin Chinese therefore becomes more and more important for them in order to get better relationship and communication with the local Chinese people who might not be able to speak English or other languages, it causes lots of trouble and misunderstanding when the language barrier exists. Learning Business Mandarin will do a great advantage if you are trying or planning to try do develop your career and business in China.

This is a introductory course for students who are interested in learning business Mandarin to communicate in a business environment in China, we will teach student's business culture, formal and informal language, how to do business in China in this class.

This courses is designed for non Chinese speakers who have limited in Mandarin or other Chinese dialects and want to learn it as their second language. In this Beginner course you will be learning basic vocabularies, grammar, custom and tradition of Chinese business language.


Native Beijing (Master in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language)


Content description: 

A Business course level I and II are designed for learners at a preintermediate level who have learned basic Chinese in a variety of settings. They are English speakers, or are using English as their principal second language, and interested in having a career or doing business among Chinese speaking communities.

Notably interactive, these materials introduce vocabulary that is fundamental to business and provide useful and relevant dialogues and exercises to practice that vocabulary and the linguistic-cultural conventions for using that vocabulary in business situations. The authors have been imaginative and thoughtful in the situations which they have selected for the bases of the dialogues and accompanying exercises. They have been comprehensive in including practice with typical forms that business people must fill out during the course of their working day. The fortunate students who study this book have before them the happy prospect of having a significant jump ahead of their predecessors when they arrive in China and begin to get to work.


Course syllabus: (Total 60 hours)

  • Lesson 1 到达 (Arriving in Beijing)
  • Dialogue 1 在飞机上 (On the airplane)
  • Dialogue 2 入关 (Costume)
  • David's Diary:Introduction
  • Day 1
  • Economic Information:General Introudction to the Chinese Economy
  • Lesson 2 住宾馆 (Staying in a Hotel)
  • Dialogue 1 登记 (Make a registration)
  • Dialogue 2 服务 (Services)
  • David's Diary:Later on Day 1
  • Economic Information:Chinese Hotels
  • Lesson 3 银行 (Bank)
  • Dialogue 1 您要开户吗?(Do you want to open a bank account?)
  • Dialogue 2 美元换人民币 (Change USD to RMB)
  • David's Diary:Day 2
  • Economic Information:Banking
  • Lesson 4 商务会谈 (Buiness Discussion)
  • Dialogue 1 会面 (Make an appointment)
  • Dialogue 2 开会 (Meeting)
  • David's Diary:Day 3
  • Economic Information:Foreign Trade of China
  • Lesson 5 商业宴请 (Business Lunch)
  • Dialogue 1 接风 (First arrived)
  • Dialogue 2 答谢 (Acknowledgment)
  • David's Diary:Day 4
  • Economic Information:Banquets
  • Lesson 6 洽淡生意 (Talk about Business)
  • Dialogue 1 议价 (Bargaining the price)
  • Dialogue 2 成交 (Make a deal)
  • David's Diary:Day 5
  • Economic Information:China's Forgeign Investment
  • Lesso7 小本生意
  • Dialogue 1 逛街
  • Dialogue 2 小摊儿
  • Davids Daiary:Day6
  • Economic Information:Non-Public Economy
  • Lesson8 签约
  • Dialogue 1 合同草案
  • Dialogue 2 正式签字
  • Davids Daiary:Day7
  • ChiaInternational Fair for Investment and Trade
  • Lesso9 参观工厂
  • Dialogue 1 订货
  • Dialogue 2 检验
  • Davids Diary:Day 8
  • Economic Information:Employment and Salaruy
  • Lesso10 投资
  • Dialogue 1 合资经营
  • Dialogue 2 股市行情
  • Daivids Diary:Day 9
  • Economic Information:Stock Market iChian
  • Lesso11 生意往来
  • Dialogue 1 公关
  • Dialogue 2 拉关系
  • Davids diary:Day 10
  • Economic Information:Chiana and the WTO
  • lesso12 辞行
  • Dialogue 1 去机场的路上
  • Dialogue 2 后会有期

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