Beginner Mandarin Course

Beginner Mandarin Course Hong Kong



Beginner Mandarin Coursein Hong Kong is an introductory course designed for non-Chinese speakers who are interested in learning Chinese language, culture, and everything else, in this level, we will start from zero!



This courses is designed for non Chinese speakers who have nothing in Mandarin or other Chinese dialects and want to learn it as their second language. In this Beginner course you will be learning Chinese phonetic, survival phrases, daily useful expressions, basic Chinese characters, and basic Chinese culture and grammar.


Mandarin Beginner Course syllabus :

◆ Lesson 1: Introduction of Chinese pronunciation system - Pinyin
◆ Lesson 2: Greetings
◆ Lesson 3: Introduction
◆ Lesson 4: What is this
◆ Lesson 5: Where are you going
◆ Lesson 6: May I have..
◆ Lesson 7: Taking a taxi
◆ Lesson 8: What time is it
◆ Lesson 9: Date
◆ Lesson 10: Food
◆ Lesson 11: Shopping for clothes
◆ Lesson 12: Going out to eat
◆ Lesson 13: Inviting friends to have dinner
◆ Lesson 14: Where do you live
◆ Lesson 15: Please give me that
◆ Lesson 16: Expressing gratitude/Making an apology
◆ Lesson 17: You speak very well
◆ Lesson 18: My body
◆ Lesson 19: Chinese holidays
◆ Lesson 20: Test

Available learning methods: Private 1 to 1, Group Course, In-company training.

"I really enjoy my Mandarin lessons at the International language Center. It is quiet and conveniently located, plus it is fun learning at my own pace with our teacher. I took the Mandarin Beginner Course, after one month I already feel like I know a lot and want to get more."
Anne CousinFrance

What you need to know about learning Mandarin:

tick Mandarin is a tonal language, we have 4 tones and 1 neutral tone in Mandarin

tick Mandarin uses simplified Chinese characters, while Cantonese uses traditional

tick Learning PinYin is a efficient way to learn Mandarin instead of learning Characters.

tick Mandarin course compares to Cantonese course is easier!

tick Over 900M people speake Mandarin, and it's growing!

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