Advanced Mandarin Course

Mandarin Advanced Course


The course is designed for students to improve their conversational skill, make sure their sentences are smooth and in rich content and nature, a lot of discussion topics will be used in this course to enhance their vocabulary levels, as well as listening skills.


  • Student with Intermediate level of Chinese or finished taking the Mandarin Intermedate courses I

  • Known around 1000 Chinese characters & familiar with grammar structure

  • Perfect in pronunciation and have a basic understanding of Chinese culture

Course syllabus:

  • 第1课 不同的文化

  • 第2课 父母与子女

  • 第3课 让孩子吃口

  • 第4课 拾金不昧要不要回报

  • 第5课 邻里关系

  • 第6课 夫妻之间

  • 第7课 家庭服务员

  • 第8课 谁来保护消费者

  • 第9课 烟与酒

  • 第10课 尊重生命

  • 第11课 给我一片蓝天

  • 第12课 话说广告

  • 第13课 让我们关注生活质量

  • 第14课 网络给我们带来了什么

Mandarin Advanced Course