Mandarin Course Hong Kong

Why take Mandarin class in Hong Kong?


Chinese language has a long history with full of interesting culture and art. Wіth mоrе аnd mоrе trаdе аnd соmmunісаtіоn bеtwееn Ноng Κоng аnd mаіnlаnd Сhіnа, Маndаrіn Chinese іs bесоmіng аn іnсrеаsіnglу рорulаr lаnguаgе tо lеаrn, we can see that in recent years, a lot of students are taking Mandarin classes.

Important Language to Learn

Learning Chinese is getting more and more important. Hong Kong is such a well mixed city where Chinese and Western culture are perfectly combined, in here, you can find traditional Chinese food, art and culture as well as very modern western lifestyle. Mandarin is the language spoken widely in Hong Kong, especially in recent years, more and more people coming from China are working in Hong Kong and lot of businessmen are doing their business here in Hong Kong. If you have kids studying in an International School, you must be realized that they are also learning this important language, taking Mandarin lesson in Hong Kong seemed to be essential.

Widely Spoken Language

Mandarin is Spoken by over 1.2 billion people, therefore, it is extremely useful when you travel to China either for fun or for business. In 2006, ILC started Mandarin language program and we have been teaching Mandarin for over 10 years! Today, no matter if you are interested in Private Mandarin lesson, Mandarin group course, or intensive Mandarin class, we can help you to learn this language in the shortest time and reach your goal. We also offer conversational Mandarin, Chinese writing Course and Business Mandarin Course.

If you are thinking about learning a language in Hong Kong, then Mandarin should come to your mind firstly, for fun purpose and for business purpose, you should take Mandarin course Hong Kong.

Why should I Learn Mandarin at your centre?

  1. We are passionate to teach this language!
  2. International Language Centre is located in a very convenient place in Central Hong Kong
  3. Our teachers/tutors are qualified with Master Degree in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language
  4. Tailor-made material made learning Chinese more fun and efficient
  5. Other than learning in a small classroom, we take our students out to talk to people and show them Hong Kong
  6. Flexible schedule and nice teacher make your life easier
  7. Variety of learning methods, private lesson, group course or company training, one must fit your need

What Kind of classes do you offer at your centre?

  • Private 1 to 1 tutoring: one of the best ways to learn a language is by doing private tutoring, with teacher's one to one help, student can quickly and efficiently learn the language in a fastest way, other than group class, private lesson allows your teacher to correct your grammar and pronunciation problem immediately, it helped you to quickly improve your Mandarin level, other advantages of private Mandarin tutor included flexible schedule, flexible location, etc...
  • Group class tutoring: This is the most interactive way to learn a language, 5 to 6 people in a small group will make the lessons more fun and more interactive, lessons will be conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, but there are some cons about group Mandarin class, for example, fixed schedule, students might have different learning speed or different expectations, etc...
  • Cooperation training course: This is a onsite training course, Mandarin teacher will be sent to your school or office to have a tailor made lesson for your staff, tailor made learning material will be provided in the lesson according to your industry and job nature, this is also a fast and efficient way to learn your Mandarin.

Our Mandarin Teachers are:

  • Native Mandarin speakers
  • Fluent in English
  • More than 5 years teaching experience
  • Friendly and helpful
  • Passionate in teaching Mandarin Chinese
  • Professional
  • Degree or Master degree in teaching Chinese or linguistics
  • Mandarin Level Test Grade 1
  • Familiar with the HSK exam

What should you expect after each course:

  • Mandarin Course Hong Kong for Beginner course: Basic conversation, grammar, good pronunciation, express yourself in short conversations, HSK level 1 to 2
  • Intermediate course: Reading and write basic Mandarin Chinese, speak more confidently, knowing more vocabularies. HSK level 3 to 4
  • Advanced course: Read and write perfectly, communicate with local Chinese with no difficulties, fluent in Mandarin, HSK level 5 to 6.

Mandarin Course Contents:


Contents for Beginner Level:

  1. Chinese Pronunciation
  2. Greetings
  3. Introduction
  4. This and That
  5. How much is it
  6. I want a glass of beer
  7. Do you want this or that?
  8. Can I have a bigger one?
  9. Eating in a Chinese restaurant
  10. Food and Drinks

Contents for Intermediate Level:

  1. Buying clothes in China
  2. Inviting friends to have dinner
  3. I am sick
  4. Taking a holiday
  5. You speak very well
  6. Chinese holidays
  7. Travelling in China
  8. Surfing the Internet in China
  9. Buying a car in China
  10. Buying property in China

Contents for Advanced Level:

  1. China economy
  2. China pollution problem
  3. China housing problem
  4. Living in China
  5. Chinese and Western culture
  6. Chinese families
  7. Wedding in China
  8. Working in China
  9. Business meeting
  10. Business partner

Tips for quickly learn Mandarin in Hong Kong:


Although Cantonese is the official language in Hong Kong, Mandarin is a growing language and it is spoken by more and more people here in Hong Kong. Here are the most important skills you should learn when taking Mandarin classes in Hong Kong.

  • Pay 200% attention to Mandarin pinyin, pronunciation and the tones are the beginning of your lessons, it is the most factor to successfully learn this language.
  • Learn Chinese characters as soon as possible, since your teachers will tell you that Chinese characters are much easier than pronunciation.
  • Learn a max of 30 new words at day, will let you speak this language in 2 years.
  • Set a target when you learn this language, for example, take an official exam, HSK
  • Practice everyday if possible with your teacher, friends or colleagues
  • Try your best to immerse into this language, either take intensive Mandarin course or study intensively in the first 6 months.
  • Listen to Chinese musics, recommended singer Teresa Teng, one of the most famous and successful singers to originate from the Mandarin-speaking world.
  • Watch Chinese TV dramas or movies, learn Mandarin with fun and enjoyment!

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