How to learn the Spanish language effectively and what are your teaching methods?

The most important factor in learning a language effectively is the intrinc motivation, as it depends of each one, a teacher has to provide extrinsic motivation in each class having the best attitude, preparing the classes thinking on pupils needs, using different strategies, materials and methods.


To teach a language it is necessary to include different methods because each one has advantages that can be used in a particular moment. For example, the Silent Method could be used in the first class because students have not been in contact with the language, for this reason, the aim of the teacher is to say as little as possible in order that the learner can be in control of what he wants to say. No use is made of the mother tongue (also because I do not speak Mandarin).  The Natural Approach is perfect to use with kids where learning takes place by the students being exposed to language that is comprehensible or made comprehensible to them. Total Physical Response or TPR works by having the learner respond to simple commands and stresses the importance of aural comprehension. Grammar-translation could be useful when teaching grammar rules using a pivot or bridge language that in this case could be English. Finally, a complete method, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), the focus of this method is to enable the learner to communicate effectively and appropriately in the various situations they would be likely to find themselves in; the content of CLT courses are functions such as inviting, suggesting, complaining or notions such as the expression of time, quantity, location.

Contrary to the previous methods, the "communicative" achieves its objectives by applying psychological and pedagogical principles in the development of materials, achieving a harmony in the components that are necessaries for the communicative process; like the orthographic , the phonological, the morphological, the lexical, the syntactic, the semantic, the pragmatic and the sociolinguistic, clearly exposed and easily perceived for students, ingredients necessaries to achieve motivation on both parts, the teacher and the student.

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