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Korea becomes one of the quickest developing countries in Asia, even in the world, Korean language is more and more popular nowadays in Hong Kong and other Asia cities, if you interested in learning Korean language, understanding Korean culture, music, food, economy, choose this course is absolutely right for you! Teachers in this course are Korean language teacher who engaged in teaching Korean language for more than 10 years, most of them have been living in Hong Kong for more than 5 years, speak fluent English, moderate Mandarin or Cantonese.

How do we teach Korean language?

  • Learn the basic Korean pronunciation at first, build up foundation before you learn the vocabulary.
  • Practice reading Korean letters, correct your pronunciations
  • Start to read simple conversations and practice with other classmates and teachers.
  • Teach you the Korean culture and language, how they relate to each other
  • Practice listening by hearing Korean people talking on the street and different circumstances.
  • Learn how to write in Korean
  • Learn formal and informal Korean language used in different situations.
  • Learn Korean grammar and sentence patterns.

Korean Course in Hong Kong - One on One Korean course or Small group Korean classes


There are basically 2 ways to learn Korean in our centre, you can either take private lesson or group class, private Korean lesson is provided for whom has a quick need to grasp the language in a short period of time, private lesson is fast, flexible, and fun, fit student who has a unstable schedule; while group course has a better interactive environment, it's good to meet friends here! All Korean lessons are provided by native Korean teachers with passions on teaching.

Korean Classes in Hong Kong - Course syllabus for Korean course for beginner level

  1. Learning Korean syllables ‘Hangul’ (Korean alphabet)
  2. Greetings in Korean
  3.  We are Chinese.
  4. Where is a toilet?
  5. What do you like  in your life?
  6. We will go to Korea soon.
  7. Shopping in Korea
  8. Korea is very good!
  9. Hong Kong is less cold than Korea in winter.
  10. Anyone can learn Korean.
  11. What are you doing here now?
  12. How much is this?
  13. What time is it now?
  14. Learning Korean is not difficult.
  15. We will go to Seoul soon to buy nice cosmetics.
  16. She likes to go shopping in Hong Kong.
  17. He is the person who speaks many languages.
  18.  I think that Chinese food is very delicious.

The content for the Intermediate level

  1. They seemed to be so kind for me.
  2. It smells great!
  3. No matter what that is...
  4. Do not leave me alone!
  5. It is likely to be rainy soon.
  6. It is getting warmer & warmer!
  7. Nobody wants to do it not to fail.
  8. Shall we dance?
  9. The more I meet him, the more I miss him.
  10. He always works listening to music!
  11. As soon as he left there, she arrived here.
  12. Every time you go...
  13. They always pretend to be naive in front of me.
  14. It can't be truth!
  15. There is no worth buying it!

Course syllabus for Korean course for Advanced level

  1. Business Conversation in Korean
  2. Korean TV drama
  3. Korean language, culture and art
  4. Visit Korean family
  5. Korean economy
  6. Buy house in Korea
  7. Buy a car in Korea
  8. Korean music
  9. Korean Food culture


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Korean Tutor in Hong Kong

My daughter has been learning Korean in Hong Kong in ILC for over 6 years since 2000, me and my husband really happy with her progress of Korean language, the tutor there is professional and made the lessons interesting and easy to follow.

Paula Dalia

Learn Korean in Hong Kong

I learned Mandarin for 3 years before taking Korean lessons in Hong Kong, I think Korean language is easier to learn than Chinese, my teacher made the lesson fun and she teaches in a way that I feel very easy to follow, therefore, I completely grasped the Korean phonetic system in just about 6 hours, I have been taking over 100 hours of Korean lesson, and I will definitely continue with them.

Maja Ione

Korean Course in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is incredible place to learn languages and the school, ILC was great at all levels for learning Korean language, I was very lucky with my teacher, she was always helpful and lovely, and the most important thing, she is very professional. Immersing in a new language is very important if you want to learn the language, understand this, I took a intensive Korean course in Hong Kong, spent almost 8 weeks to learn the language, it was in a group class with all other classmates from different nationalities, the teacher let us get into the Korean language very quickly, and we had a lot of interaction while learning the language. I would highly recommend this school with no hesitation to anyone who is really interest in learning the Korean language, I am very satisfied with them and my level of Korean.

Davena Darleen

Korean Language Tutor in Hong Kong

I have been learning Korean over 10 years. If I don’t think learning Korean is fun, I would not have continued learning it for so many years. As I am interested in K-pop, Korean drama, movies and songs, learning Korean can help me understand more about Korean culture and it can help me understand better about the subtext of their
lyrics, scripts and etc. This better understanding brings more fun when watching these dramas and movies. It helps me to appreciate more about the Korean culture and its people.

I also like travelling to Korea during different seasons. Korea is a big country compared with Hong Kong and it has distinct four seasons. There are different natural scenery at different times. Being able to communicate in Korean with Korean people, it makes these travels much more fun. If you know some Korean, it will be much easier for trying local Korean food, doing shopping, taking mass transport.

Besides, being a Chinese, learning Korean is extra funny as many of the Korean nouns are originated from Chinese. The pronunciation and the meaning are similar to Chinese words. Therefore, being a Chinese has advantages in learning Korean than people of other nationalities. My Korean idol is So Ji Sub. Because of him, I had the drive of learning Korean at the very beginning. I wish that I can talk to him in Korean when one day I meet him in person. This also makes learningKorean fun when you have the incentive.


Learn Korean in Hong Kong

Learning Korean

Korean used to be completely foreign to me. The vertical and horizontal lines, circles and squares looked more like mysterious symbols than language. Unlike Japanese, as there are no Chinese characters, it was impossible to make sense out of the symbols. I never imagine I would learn Korean. It was not until last year when I fell in love with
the mega-hit KBS drama, “Descendants of the Sun” and the main character Song Joong Ki. Within days of finishing “Descendants of the Sun”, I decided to learn Korean. So I contacted my younger’s sister old Korean teacher, Mr. Alex Nam and arranged my first Korean lesson within a few days. I do not call Alex by his name as he is my teacher and I call him “Seon Saeng Lim”.

Although our syllabus is not based on any textbooks, Seon Saeng Lim’s teaching is very well structured. We started with the Korean alphabets “Hangul”. Gradually, Seon Saeng Lim introduced different grammatical structures. While grammar is often considered as dry and boring, I appreciate that Seon Saeng Lim placed a lot of effort in explaining the grammatical rules. Rules are always followed by examples in English. Seon Saeng Lim would explain, step-by- step, how to turn the English sentences into Korean. As Seon Saeng Lim’s explanation is systematic and logical, it is not as difficult as I originally thought. To reinforce learning, Seon Saeng Lim often gives revision to newly learnt grammar in the following lesson.

After finishing the essential grammar, which took us around three to four months, we started having some basic conversations. Under Seon Saeng Lim’s guidance, I was able to make simple sentences based on the grammar and vocabulary learnt. It was interesting and fun as the conversations are not textbook stories. I am able to express
what is happening in my daily life using simple Korean. Even though there is still a long way to go, I am very happy with the progress of my Korean learning. I do not think this would be possible without Seon Saeng Lim’s systematic and logical teaching. He is also very patient and often repeats the sentences a few times until I can become familiarized with the structure.

We all need motivation to commence a learning process. My initial motivation with Korean was simple. I was hoping that I could understand Korean drama. My goal now is that I hope I can converse in simple Korean when I travel to Korea. Goals are important as they help us to stay focused with the learning process. Of course, nothing comes easy with foreign language learning. We still need to put in a lot of time and effort in studying and revising. I recall Seon Saeng Lim once said it is always the most difficult at the beginning because everything is new. However, learning is accumulative and after a while, new learning would become old knowledge. This is so true. I feel fortunate that I can learn Korean from Seon Saeng Lim as not only his teaching is systematic and structured, he is also a very encouraging teacher with great sense of humour. I always have so much fun in my Korean lessons. Hopefully, I would be able to converse in simple Korean when I next travel to Seoul!

Korean Course Hong Kong