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ILC is continuously providing professional language course for students from all over the world, German language is getting more and more important nowadays no matter in the business world or in the daily life world, there are many reasons why you should take German course in Hong Kong, and we can provide the best German tutors in Hong Kong to quickly and efficiently meet your target.

Why You Should Take German lessons in Hong Kong?

learn German in Hong Kong

German Language is so widely spoken in the world

According to wikipedia, German language is One of the major languages of the world, German is the first language of almost 100 million people worldwide and the most widely spoken native language in the European UnionIn the European Union, English, French and German are the three most spoken business language, German is the second most-spoken language on the continent of Europe. plus, when it comes to native speakers, German ranks number one.

For not a big country like Germany, German is becoming the 2nd most important language in Europe other than English, which still rank the first, German language is so important now even the school in the U.K or other countries start to ask their students to take German classes. Not to compare the number of people speaking Chinese language, people speaking German language are definitely increasing.

German companies have occupations around the world

Many globally recognized brands and corporations like Car companies, technical companies and medicine companies are from Germany, and their business is covered in the whole planet, you can always find German companies located in your country, and it is a great idea to learn German in Hong Kong since there are plenty of German companies for you if you are seeking a job in there.

If you are a businessman, although most German people speak excellent English, Knowing their native language of your German business partners can greatly enhance your successful professional relationships and it will definitely help for effective communication.

German Language is not as difficult as you thought

We cannot say that German language is easy, but we believe it is possible, compare to other languages in Europe like French, Spanish and English, German language has a clear structure of grammar, if student follows the grammar, German language becomes very easy to handle, it has not much exception as French and other languages. German is easy to learn if you are a structured person and if you already speak English or one other European language.

How does ILC teach German classes in Hong Kong?

There are three levels which are designed following the international standard A1 to C2.

Beginner level A1 and A2, Intermediate level B1 and B2 and Advanced level C1 and C2.

German Course Hong Kong content in Beginner Level:

  • German Pronunciation
  • German Alphabet
  • Greetings in German
  • Basic word, you, me, he and she
  • Plural words, they, we, you
  • Introduce yourself in German
  • Numbers in German
  • This and that
  • Basic German grammar
  • Basic German sentence structure
  • Countries in German
  • Ask how much money
  • Ask where and what
  • Order beer in German language

Course content in Intermediate Level:

  • Asking directions
  • Booking a hotel
  • Shopping at the supermarket
  • Asking the size of clothing items
  • talking about feelings and everyday life
  • ordering at a restaurant
  • Why and Because
  • talk about hobbies or sports
  • To say like and want
  • Which is your favorite movie
  • How was your weekend?
  • Talk about your travelling plan
  • Grammar and practice

Course content in Advanced Level:

  • German culture and it's histroy
  • Economy in Germany
  • Food and drink customs and traditions
  • Art in Germany
  • Leisure life for German people
  • Save money
  • German companies study
  • Meeting with German comanies
  • Grammar and practice
Tips for Learning German Language in Hong Kong
  • Learning 5 sentences a day at the beginning
  • Take German Classes at a regular basis
  • Learn the commonly used the words and phrases everyday
  • Listen to the any kind of German programs
  • Try to write in German as a habbit
  • Try to write dairy in German for 30 minutes a day
  • Speak to German speakers
  • Do grammar practice everyday!

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