French Lesson for Children in Hong Kong

French Lessons for Children


Learning another language is much easier when you are young. Here are ways you can get your preschooler on the way to fluency in a foreign language.


The purpose of French classes for this group is to give children a French language environment to let them hear French language as much as possible, at this stage, student can get to know the language very quickly by just hearing it, a lot of games, songs, toys, pictures and animation will be used when teaching Children, tutors in our Hong Kong school will make sure the lessons are fun and enjoyable, learning French at this age is very important for ones to improve their French language proficiency in the future.
Basic Content for Children French lessons:

French lesson for children

  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Weather
  • Family members
  • Transportation
  • Time
  • This and That
  • Fruits
  • Animals
  • Countries


IGCSE and IB French Course in Hong Kong


IGCSE for French language is an important exam which is internationally recognized test that is accepted by universities and employers as proof of its language ability and understanding of French as a foreign language.

Both IGCSE and GCSE are offered by different exam boards. There are differences in the exam format and the way the questions are asked, but there is no difference in terms of the level of difficulty. For IGCSE, Cambridge (CIE) and the Pearson Edexcel are the two most popular exam boards in Hong Kong.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) is a globally recognized two-year educational program for students from 16 to 19. It is accepted as secondary school qualification for university entrance. Its curriculum comprises of six subject groups and three DP core, with the goal of widening and deepening students’ knowledge.

The fact is that until now, more than 5,000 schools have chosen to teach International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, which have unique academic rigor and a focus on the personal development of students. These schools employ more than 70,000 educators and teach more than one million students worldwide, therefore, taking French IB courses is important for students who wish to study overseas in the future.

Why choose us to prepare your French IGCSE or IB exams in Hong Kong?

  • We only hire French tutors who really understand the syllabus
  • We only hire those tutors who have experience teaching children students exam courses
  • We have been teaching international exams for over 10 years
  • French tutors who teach exam French are fluent in English, native French tutors
  • All French tutors are friendly and professional
  • Location can be chosen by student or even we accept online tutoring
  • Flexible study materials and time
  • Male and Female tutors
  • Guarantee improvement in a very short time

What made us successful when teaching Children?

1. Through repeated teaching (Children learn by repeating learning and actively participating in another language)
2. Using large gestures and body demonstrations (Children can more easily understand and remember these terms)
3. Teaching while playing (Children are happier when playing, we learn when we play!)
4. Teaching with activities (We ask children to do different activities while learning the language)

French one on one lessonsFrench children group class

Our Teaching Styles

  1. Private one to one French lessons
  2. Group French Classes


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French Lesson for Children in Hong Kong