General English Course

Introduction: General English Course is designed for everyone who wants to comprehensively develop their skills in English for daily uses. The aim of the course is to help students to communicate, write, listen, read confidently in a global English environment. There are 3 levels in this course, they are beginner, intermediate and advanced level, each level has 60 hours in total. For lesson schedule and fees, please refer to

Course outline:

General grammar study
Sentence-Combining Skills
Sentence structure

Spoken training
Daily expression
Case study
Social event
Telephone communication skill
Negotiation skills
Presentation skills
Pronunciation skill
Interview Skills

Writing skill
Friendly letters
Envelopes format
Invitation letters
Internet letter writing
Correspondence, emails, memos, letters, circulars writing techniques

Reading techniques
Speed Reading
Figures, Graphics and Tables
Anticipate Hills and Shift Gears
Scanning, Skimming & Mapping
News reading

General English Course