English Writing Course Hong Kong

English Writing Course Hong Kong

This English writing course is for all people and all level students who want to improve their English writing skills, we have general English writing course, workplace English writing course and professional English writing course.  For people who are beginner English level, we teach them how to form a sentence perfect in grammar, for people who are in their intermediate or advanced level, we teach them not only the perfect grammar but also how to make your writing more interesting and nourishing.

Course Content - General English Writing Course

  1. Grammar in Use - Different tenses and how to use them
  2. Spelling issues - Found out the common mistakes and correct them
  3. Word choosing - Learn how to choose a better word which makes the sentence nicer
  4. Use of conjunctions
  5. Use of punctuation
  6. Paragraph design
  7. Learn how to start and end your letters
  8. Learn how to make a smooth transition between sentences
  9. Outlining your content
  10. structure your writing - Make plans, draft, edit, and format your content
  11. Use of metaphor

Course Content - Workplace English Writing Course

  1. English for Business in today
  2. Writing Effective Sentences
  3. Writing Powerful Sentences
  4. Cohesive Paragraphs and Coherent Paragraphs
  5. Basic Letters and Messages
  6. How to write an email effectively
  7. How to explain Charts and graphics
  8. Writing Reference Manual
  9. Agreement and Point of View
  10. Citing Research
  11. Instant Messaging
  12. Spelling Rules
  13. Writing Proposal
  14. Writing Resume and Cover Letter
  15. Presentation skills
  16. Negotiation skills

Course Content - Professional English Writing Course

  1. Banking and Financing
  2. Information Media and Telecommunications
  3. Insurance Services
  4. Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services
  5. Professional, Scientific, Technical Services
  6. Administrative and Support Services
  7. Education and Training
  8. Health Care and Social Assistance

Writing English Course Hong Kong - How we teach?

  1. Choose the topic you are interested in
  2. giving plenty of good examples
  3. explain why your content is less attractive and explain the problem you have
  4. Give you massive synonyms and Antonyms to choose from
  5. Focus on improving descriptive sentences
  6. Professional sentences and words will be taught
  7. Teach you how to make your content more attractive to readers
  8. Use a better beginning and conclusion of your content
  9. examine your weaknesses and strengths

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