Business English Course

business english course

Why Business English Course?

English is an official language in Hong Kong and is important in the business sphere of this busy financial capital. Many adults seek to improve their spoken English for easy communication in their business; parents want their children and wards to grow up having the ability to speak more than one language so as to have opportunities to attend school overseas or excel in business. The widespread of English in Hong Kong makes the transition to living there easy. English is so widely spoken and understood.

Course Introduction: Other than English conversational course, this Business English course is designed for everyone in a business workplace including the position of executive, management, administrative, secretarial, marketing, sales personnel, students and trainees. The aim of general business courses is to help business people to communicate confidently in a global English speaking business environment.

What we teach in Business English Course

During the lesson, we help student to:
madnarin course correctreinforce the understanding of general business
madnarin course correctexplore concepts in greater depth
madnarin course correctprovide additional exercises to be worked in lesson
madnarin course correctpracticing and excising oral speaking and writing
madnarin course correctbuild-up grammar and vocabulary

The course includes:
madnarin course correcteffective business communication
madnarin course correctletters, faxes and emails writing and answer skills
madnarin course correctreporting & press releasing
madnarin course correctEnglish grammar revision, sentence structure building
madnarin course correctvocabulary building
madnarin course correcttelephone communication skill
madnarin course correctholding a meeting
madnarin course correctnegotiation skills
madnarin course correctshipping arrangement
madnarin course correctdiscount offering
madnarin course correctchairing meetings
madnarin course correctplanning agenda
madnarin course correctpresentation skills
madnarin course correctpronunciation skill
madnarin course correctinterview Skills
madnarin course correctcorrespondence, emails, memos, letters, circulars writing techniques
madnarin course correctcomplain handling skill


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