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English Course Hong Kong - Like it does in most Asian countries English has a very much different status as a language in Hong Kong, therefore, English has become the second most crucial language in Hong Kong. Locals should enrol for English course Hong Kong in order to improve their communication ability, as the city is growing to be one of the major cities in the world. These are few reasons why the locals should learn English in Hong Kong.


Good communication is the key to success.

No matter how professional your skills of selling, or how good you well composed your marketing proposal is, poor language skills will definitely destroy all your plans. For those locals planning to go into establishing and setting up their own businesses, it is very important to learn English and master it well, so that you can reach a level of communicating and experiencing your ideas with ease.


Hong Kong - A fast growing city

The city is fast growing in tourist, so this has attracted millions of visitors to the city, many of the visitors therefore from English speaking nations will expect to meet Hong Kong citizens that are able to communicate in English, so as to interact and make partners. It is right to say that English Course Hong Kong is a very good career move for the citizens of the great Hong Kong city.


Hong Kong - China - English

Historic ties to the UK and a close connection to mainland China have resulted in a proliferation of excellent language training centres, many of which instruct English as a foreign language. Each year, lots of students learn English language in this awesome city because there really is an abundance of English language courses in various centres in Hong Kong to choose from.


Finally, locals should take English Course Hong Kong because it will give a huge boost to their career. Moreover, seeing as Hong Kong considers itself to be Asia’s world city, and the rest of the world appreciates and expects it! Likewise, individuals from around the world should take a serious look at Hong Kong as an excellent alternative location to learn. In conclusion, take an English Course in Hong Kong now and you will be glad you did.


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English Course Hong Kong


English Language Course

My wife and I came to Hong Kong for work from Spain, our English language skill was not good enough for business purpose, we took English course for intermediate level for 3 months intensively, and our English improved significantly, we would recommend this school if you want to learn English in Hong Kong, the school has a good location and teachers are professional.

Lucio Baudelio (From Spain)

Learning English in Hong Kong

Hi, I am from Japan, I am a chef working in a local Hong Kong restaurant, my English is poor, I studied English at ILC for one year, my English now is better than before, learning English is never easy for us, Japanese, but I will keep taking more English lessons in Hong Kong, in ILC, all the English teachers are very nice and patient, they are wiling to correct my mistakes. Thank you!

Kazuki Ryouta (Japan)

Learn English

Hi, My name is Li, I took 60 hours English Course in ILC in Hong Kong, my goal was to pass TOEFL, and I did it!

Li An Jiang (Chinese)

English Language Lesson

I am now having English lessons in Hong Kong 3 times a week, 2 hours each session, the improvement of my English skill is great, now I can write English letters well and speak to native speakers quite fluently. As a mainland Chinese person, we did not have much exposure into English language on a daily basis, Hong Kong was an English colonial, therefore, I really to speed up learning English.

Huang Chang

English Language School in Hong Kong – ILC

In summer time of 2010, I was looking to improve my English conversational skill and English listening skill, I came across this school, ILC, and took 2 months course, 60 hours English private lesson, I admit that ILC is one of the best English language learning centre in Hong Kong, if you are looking for English schools, ILC should be on your list.

Cândida Teodora

Learn English in Hong Kong

I am from Spain, I need to find a job in Hong Kong, I love this city but my English was not good enough for a company to hire me, therefore, I took English course in Hong Kong in the ILC, after 6 months studies in ILC, I realised that my English has improved a lot, my grammar is improved, my listening skill is improved and I am confident to speak English in front of many people, I want to get perfect English, I need to improve my pronunciation, and I will keep learning English in Hong Kong.

Elisabet Emiliano