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Carbon Capital - Caudalie - Skincare Products - Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP - Fedex - Fidelity International - Grand Horizon - Goldman Sachs (Asia)- Heartsonfire - HSBC - Imagi -JPMorgan - Kotra - Linklaters, Hong Kong - Logwin AG - International Logistics & Transports - Metrojet - RBS -Stardard & Poor's - Stark Investments - Sky Design - TPF - The Promotion Factory - Tully Recruit...

Studying Chinese at the International Language Center has been an excellent experience. As a foreign language teacher myself, my standards are quite high, and all my expectations have been met or exceeded. My teacher is consistently patient and friendly, the classroom atmosphere is positive and relaxed and the materials used are top-notch. I have made great progress since I started studying at the International Language Center and I couldn’t have done it without them!
Christine O'DonnellTeacher
What an enjoyable and instructive way into a difficult language! After 18 months of lessons at International Language in Sheung Wan, I can safely say it's one of the best investments of time and money I've made here in Hong Kong. Cantonese is a difficult language, but being a Westerner who can happily get by in taxis, restaurants, estate agents and in simple chit chat at work definitely sets you apart and opens new doors and hearts with local people. The learning has been fun, personal and flexible to my job and commitments, and beyond steadily building my basic grasp of the language, attending lessons has also given insights into Hong Kong culture and history, which are rewarding in their own right. I wouldn't say it's easy learning Cantonese, but it's worth it and this is a great place to do it.
Dan CottonStrategy Director, Media Company
I really enjoy my Mandarin lessons at the International language Center. It is quiet and conveniently located, plus it is fun learning at my own pace with our teacher. After one month I already feel like I know a lot, and want to get more.
Anne CousinFrance
I came across the International Language centre a few months ago when I was in search for a good school to improve my Mandarin speaking. I must say, I was very lucky to have found this one as I believe it is one of the better and most effective schools I've tried. In just a short amount of time, I began to be able to make basic conversations. Melody is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend her.
Claire HauH&M
Learning Cantonese in Hong Kong at the International Language Centre has, and continues to be a great experience. The school, and my teacher Amy are very flexible and fit in easily with my busy schedule. The class is always interesting and luckily, My teacher Amy is very patient! I would highly recommend this language school to anyone! Neih hou sai leih!
Alex Jones ArchitectHearthwick Studio
Hong Kong being what it is, I found that I didn't have much time in the week to focus on learning Cantonese and realised that I wouldn't get very far at all under my own steam. So I approached ILC initially to ensure that I was at least doing something each week towards learning the language in a regular and systematic way. I have had only a one hour lesson each week now for just over a year and in that time Amy has brought me to the point where I can communicate in everyday situations and pick up quite a lot of what people are talking about. To make rapid progress then probably you should invest more than an hour per week like me. But Amy has worked at my pace, making each lesson fun, interesting and relevant. As a result, I look forward to each lesson and won't every get beaten up if I haven't managed to complete my homework! Cantonese isn't easy, but like a lot of things in life, I know that all I have to do is to keep going at it for long enough in order to succeed. My Cantonese teacher is friendly and immensely patient, she obviously enjoys his job and I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a Cantonese teacher.
Richard WilliamsFidessa
My colleague and I are on two year work placements in Hong Kong from the UK and have been studying Cantonese in Hong Kong at the International Language Centre for almost a year. Melody is a great teacher and the teaching material is easy to follow and relevant to what we do in work and in our free time. With my teacher’s help I am steadily becoming more able to communicate with work colleagues and the general public here in Hong Kong, which has enriched my time here and made it more enjoyable. I’d thoroughly recommend the learning of Cantonese if you visiting Hong Kong or the region. The International Language Centre is conveniently placed in Central and offers a good environment within which to learn.
Fergus ComerArchitect
Learning Mandarin in Hong Kong as a new language in between busy work schedules can be daunting and in my previous experiences with other courses, tedious and boring. Teaching style at the International Language Centre and the course book used made learning of the basics of Mandarin easier, faster and relevant, especially for a foreigner like myself who just wanted to learn how to speak. Learning became more fun and interactive being in a small class of 3-4 pax, and I was highly appreciative of the flexible teaching style of our teacher, Vivian. It's quite amazing how much I can understand now and speak after completing the beginner's course.".
Yoojin AhnSouth Korean
Having been living and working in Hong Kong for the past 14 years I felt that it was about time that I took steps to learn Cantonese in Hong Kong even though I do not have a natural talent or ability for learning languages!  I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I have enjoyed my Cantonese studies at the International Language Centre, and have experienced my language skills improving each week. It is also rewarding to find that my work colleagues and friends have also noticed how much of an improvement I have made with my daily Cantonese conversational skills which I put down to my weekly lessons. My teacher has made learning fun and I enjoy studying in a casual and relaxed atmosphere and look forward to each lesson. With text books and MP3 files available for study in one's own time, and both structured lessons mixed with informal conversation learning has been fun and interesting . I look forward to continuing my lessonsat the International Language Centre and furthering my knowledge of the Chinese language.
Top-Toy (Hong Kong) LtdRichard Crosbie
I am extremely satisfied with my basic level Mandarin group course in Hong Kong at the International Language Centre. David, our teacher, makes learning this rather difficult language truly interesting, easy and fun. David is a talented teacher, who constantly keeps us on our toes with his exercises and tutorials. After two months of studies, I already feel I have a good grounding to be able to transfer to the intermediate level. I couldn't be happier!
Ingrid Palsson Escudero