IB Chinese Course

International Language Centre provides high quality Chinese courses for all International school students who are trying to take IB Chinese course in Hong Kong.

Our IB (International Baccalaureate) Chinese Courses are designed for students who are interested to get better scores in IB Chinese examinations with guarantee!

Introduction of IB Chinese Course

IB is a high school curriculum offered by IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) to all international students. The course is aimed to provide education for student further study in different universities all over the world.

The IB Chinese program consists of two groups, first language group (Language A) and second language group (Language B and Mandarin ab initio).

IB Chinese Language A course will be focused on improving students' contextual and literary understanding, students will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of the relationship between literature and society and also their ability to appreciate literature in deep.

IB Chinese Language B course will evaluate students' spoken and written Chinese level and how they understand the Chinese culture, thus preparing them to communicate and express themselves fluently and confidently in the exam. Students will study at either Standard Level or Higher Level. The main focus of the course is on language acquisition and development of language skills.

IB Chinese Course we are providing includes:

  • IB Chinese A1 (Higher Level & Standard Level) Course
  • IB Chinese A2 (Higher Level & Standard Level) Course
  • IB Chinese B (Higher Level & Standard Level) Course
  • IB Chinese AB (SL) Course

How ILC can successfully help you to obtain high score in IB Chinese Exam? 

  • We fully understand the structure of the IB Chinese exam
  • We assess your level and understand your needs before any lesson
  • We plan your activities and study schedules
  • We Improve your IB test taking skills, as well as your ability in all aspects of learning: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and understanding of Chinese culture and literature.
  • We tailor made the course for you
  • We train your reading skills, speed and question solving techniques
  • We guide our students to achieve great scores in the Internal Assessment at their school by conducting practices and mock examinations
  • We offer professional IB Chinese tutor in Hong Kong
  • We offer group class and 1 on 1 lessons at our language learning centre and your home!

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IB Chinese Course