GCSE/CIE Chinese Course

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education is a standard test for students who will finish the fist stage of secondary education in Britain, while IGCSE is used in other countries out of Britain.

A General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is a qualification normally taken by most UK students at the end of compulsory education. It  normally take two years and you take the final exams when you’re 16. The equivalent in Scotland is Standard Grade.

GCSEs are an important exams for students who would like to study further or go for a job after their school. A lot of employers will request candidates to pass at least 5 GCSEs to get a job and to work in certain field of industry.

The CIE exam assesses both reading and writing for your Chinese level. You will read two articles on the same topic in different genres in the CIE Chinese reading exam, after reading it, you will need to answer questions regarding the article and base on the author's point of view. In Chinese Writing exam, you will need to complete a narrative or argumentative essay according to the assigned topic. To get a good grade in both reading and writing, you will need to learn and practice a lot of skills for taking the CIE exam, a lot of exercises will be needed before you take the exam.

How we help students to get good grade in GCSE Chinese and CIE Chinese exams?

  • Assess your level and weaknesses before taking any Chinese lessons
  • Find a learning path for you
  • Tailor made material for you in the Chinese course
  • Practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in all lessons.
  • Do mock exams
  • Do after exam evaluation
  • Learn Chinese culture and history in all lessons
  • Our professional GCSE and CIE tutors will help you to improve all aspects of learning


GCSE/CIE Chinese Course