AP Chinese Course

Other than IB Chinese course, our Language Learning Centre is providing AP Chinese course for international school students for preparing their AP Chinese Exams.

Exam Overview

The main purpose for this exam is to assess students who are studying in International School about their interpersonal, interpretive, Chinese culture and representational communication skills in Mandarin Chinese. 

The exam is computer-based, candidates will need to read on the computer screen, listens through headphones, types using the keyboard, and speaks into a microphone to complete the exam.

Traditional or simplified Chinese characters can be chose for reading and writing in the AP Chinese exam. All Chinese text displayed on the screen is available in either traditional Chinese characters or simplified Chinese characters.

Why do you need to take the AP Chinese exam?

AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam is an excellent way to save money and time on college classes, since it gives students a head-start at university, it has a great advantage for student who takes the AP Chinese exam to study in the University in the U.S or Canada in the future, whichever score you receive, you will be benefited in the University Chinese courses. There are 20 other countries excluding USA and Canada now recognize the scores.

How long does AP Chinese Exam take?

Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing will be tested in the exam, students should learn Chinese comprehensively to get a good score in AP Chinese exam. There are total two sections in AP Chinese exam, in total around 2 hours 15 minutes

Section I

Multiple Choice — 70 Questions | ~ 1 Hour, 20 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score

Section II

Free Response — 4 Tasks | 41 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score

How to get 5(A satisfactory score for university apply) in AP Chinese exam?

  • Fully understand the structure of the AP Chinese Exam
  • Learn Chinese culture and history
  • Practice with your AP Chinese tutor / teacher regularly
  • Take mock exams
  • Practice listening skill by hearing the questions again and again
  • Set a daily target to learn more vocabularies
  • Get yourself a good structure when you are doing the speaking exam
  • Learn more Chinese idioms and proverbs
  • Practice to improve reading speed
AP Chinese Course