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If you already speak English, the next language to learn must be Chinese! Hong Kong is an amazing city where all cultures are so diversified here, you will find massive people speaking their local language, Cantonese in Hong Kong, and at the same time, you realized that more and more people are speaking Mandarin, the official language in China, no matter you want to learn Mandarinlearn Cantonese or Learn Chinese Writing. ILC provides the best courses for you when comes to learn Chinese in Hong Kong.

Learning Chinese in Hong Kong can definitely make your life much easier when you get around in Hong Kong.

International Langauge Centre is offering Chinese language lessons in the format of private, group and in-house training.


Should I learn Mandarin or Cantonese?

This is the most frequently asked question among all students when they choose to take Mandarin course or Cantonese course, there are some criteria to follow before making a decision, please check the list below to find out.

  1. I travel to China a lot
  2. I have or will have business in China
  3. My company is China based Company
  4. I may relocate to China some time in the future
  5. I have more Mandarin speaking friends than Cantonese
  6. I prefer a easier language to start learning
  7. I will move back to my country in recent years
  8. I want to learn local Chinese language.
  9. I just want to learn a language with fun but not for business purpose

If your answers are positive for the above 9 questions, then you should definitely learn Mandarin in Hong Kong, otherwise, you can think about learning Cantonese in Hong Kong, since you don't NEED to learn Mandarin here in Hong Kong or in the future.

Full details about Learning Cantonese or Mandarin can you found in this article: (Which language should I learn in Hong Kong – Mandarin or Cantonese?)


Why Choose Us for Your Chinese Learning Centre

  • Learning Material is well designed
  • Teachers are qualified
  • Teachers are experienced
  • Top-notched course content
  • Friendly staff
  • Professional management team
  • Flexible schedule and location
  • Perfect location
  • High-end facilities

Brief Introduction of Chinese Courses


Mandarin Beginner Course 

  • For complete beginners
  • Private or group
  • 2 months course or 1-month intensive course
  • Check details here

Mandarin Intensive Course

  • 1-month course, 20 business days, 3 hours a day
  • Fast learning pace
  • Group or Private
  • Check details here

Cantonese Beginner Course

  • weekend course
  • weekday morning course
  • weekday evening course
  • private lessons
  • check details here

Cantonese Intensive Course

  • Monday to Friday
  • 9am to 12pm
  • 20 days course
  • private lesson or group class
  • check details here

Chinese Reading and Writing Course

  • Learn Chinese Radicals
  • Learn Chinese writing stroke orders
  • Learn 300 Chinese Characters for Beginners
  • Learn 1200 Chinese Characters for Intermediate learners
  • Learn 2400 Chinese Characters for Advanced learners
  • Check details here

Business Mandarin Course

  • Banking and Financial Industry
  • Law in Chinese
  • Tailor-made content
  • Flexible schedule and location
  • Job-related Mandarin
  • Formal V.S Informal Chinese
  • Check details here

Weekday Morning Course

Weekday Evening Course

Weekend Courses

Private 1 to 1 lesson

  • Flexible schedule
  • Tailor-made content
  • Tutoring at home or language centre
  • Check detail here

In-House Training for companies

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Great experience!

What a great experience taking Mandarin lesson in Hong Kong in the International Language Centre! With 6 months  in the Mandarin Beginner Course in 2010, I could already spoke a lot and talked to the local people when I went to a Shenzhen trip! The teachers and my other classmates are so nice and helpful, I could not have done that without them!

Hidayat Ketut

class atmosphere is brillant

Mandarin learning class

I was amazed at the quality of mandarin course in ILC. their Mandarin course has really helped our business and me for my personal interest, I have been thinking to learn Mandarin for a long time since I graduated from University, In 2009 Summer I came to Hong Kong and found this school, luckily I took the Beginner Mandarin Course Level 1 and 2, in 60 hours course, I could already start to speak, the class atmosphere is brillant!

Yoojin (Korea)

Cantonese Beginner Course

Cantonese class Hong Kong

Hi, This is Fergus, I am from the UK, I took Cantonese course for Beginners when I came to Hong Kong 3 years ago, I realized that learning Cantonese can really help me a lot for daily things, since my English speaking skill is not very good, therefore, Cantonese becomes more important, now I am taking Cantonese class with my teacher, Joan Lee, she is from Hong Kong, I would highly recommend her as the Cantonese teacher in this centre.

Fergus (UK)

Cantonese Course

Cantonese learning in Hong Kong

I love Hong Kong and the language, I knew Cantonese language will be a very tough language to learn but I chose it! I was very unsure if Mandarin or Cantonese should be the language to learn, but my teacher from ILC told me that if I live in Hong Kong and work here, I should take Cantonese lessons, after 1 year of studying at the centre, I felt my Cantonese speaking levels improved so much! When I first came to Hong Kong in 2002, I could not speak a word, but now I can speak a full sentence with grammar all correct! I am going to learn the Chinese characters very soon!

Richard (UK)

Learn Mandarin in Hong Kong

Mandarin classes in Hong Kong

Learning Mandarin in Hong Kong become a great experience, I am a banker myself, my schedule is always busy, therefore, I can only take private lessons, I need the flexibility of the lessons, I came to International Language Centre in Central in 2012, the place is very close to my office, and the teachers there are very professional with high flexibility, I know I need to learn more Mandarin and do my homework, sorry my teacher, I forgot to do my homework again, see you in the class! 🙂

Ingrid (Sweden)

Learn Cantonese for over 6 years

Cantonese Course Hong Kong

What an enjoyable and instructive way into a difficult language! After 18 months of Cantonese Language Courses Hong Kong at the ILC in Central, I can safely say that it’s one of the best investments of time and money I have made here in Hong Kong. Learning Cantonese in Hong Kong is essential!

Dan Cotton (UK)

Mandarin Lesson in Hong Kong

Learn Mandarin Hong Kong

ILC is a fantastic place to learn languages and I highly recommend it! A few months ago when I was in search for a good school to improve my Mandarin speaking. I was very lucky to have found ILC as I believe it is the most effective school I’ve tried. In just a short amount of time, I began to be able to make basic conversations!

Christine (USA)

Mandarin Tutor Hong Kong

I was trying to learn Mandarin language by myself in 2010, at the beginning, the tones in Chinese language really drives me crazy, especially the 2nd tone and the 3rd tone, for me, the sound the same, and I knew the tones really tell the difference between one word and another, I think I must find a Mandarin tutor in Hong Kong, I enrolled a 30 hours Beginner Mandarin Course in ILC, after 10 hours lesson, I felt much confident with the tones, my teacher, May is really patient when she was teaching me Mandarin, now I can speak accurate Mandarin already.

Jeong-Hui Ji-Woo (Korean)

Chinese lessons in Hong Kong

Learn Cantonese in HK

I am so happy with the International language centre! I have been studying Mandarin in Hong Kong for almost 2 years in a small group, from zero Mandarin to now I can communication with my mainland business clients, I insisted not to learn the Chinese characters at the beginner of my lesson, but my tutor told me to learn it, and now, I am so happy that I can already read almost 1000 Chinese Characters, and everyday the number is increasing, that actually really help me a lot in everyday life!

Alex (UK)

Intensive Cantonese Lesson

I took 40 days, Monday to Friday intensive Cantonese lesson in Hong Kong in 2013, this program covered 2 levels, Cantonese Beginner course level 1 and 2, in this 120 hours intensive language course, I learnt a lot, I had tried to learn the Cantonese language by myself before coming to Hong Kong, but my pronunciation was so terrible at that time, now with their help, I can speak the language really really good! Thank you!


James Learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin in the International Language Centre was an amazing experience! I took 60 hours intensive Mandarin course here, and I learnt so much. In this 60 hours course, I realised that I have learned more than my 6 months Mandarin course before, our Mandarin tutor is nice, friendly and professional.


Mandarin Language Course – Kelda Jeanette

Learning Mandarin has never been so interesting! Me and my husband moved into Hong Kong 2 years ago, and we started learning Mandarin since then, we took a 30 hours Mandarin course in Wanchai, honestly It was not what we were looking for, I wouldn’t say the tutor is not good, but I think learning a language should be more interesting than just reading the book and repeating the words, therefore, after 30 hours class, we decided to leave, 2 months after that, we picked up Mandarin again, this time, we found the ILC which is located in Central, the class is always fun and professional, teachers there make learning Mandarin language more fun, I like the teaching method and after 3 months learning at ILC, I think my Mandarin improved a lot!

Cantonese Tutor in Hong Kong

I was looking for a great location and great Cantonese tutor to improve my Cantonese, ILC was the best so far, it is located in Central area near my office in Charter House, I can come to the centre in 5 minutes times, I have been living in HK for almost 3 years, and I have been taking their lesson for about 1 year and half, I am very satisfied with their performance, and most importantly I can talk to the locals now!


Cantonese Language School Hong Kong

I have been living in Hong Kong for 2 years, I slowly realised that learning the Cantonese language is very helpful for my daily life, I don’t have to be fluent in the Cantonese language, but my goal is to understand daily conversations including shop talk and taxi words, these are very important to me in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t say you cannot live in Hong Kong without speaking Cantonese, but if you speak a little, it definitely will make your life much easier, so a year ago, I started to look for Cantonese language schools in Hong Kong, I have tried a few schools, but ILC is so far the best language learning centre, the material they used in very up-to-date and their Cantonese teachers are very nice and experienced, learning Cantonese is not a easy job, but it indeed very fun.

Bristol Sal

Learning Cantonese in Hong Kong

ILC is offering the best Cantonese course in Hong Kong. Hong Kong being what it is, I found that I didn’t have much time in the week to focus on learning Cantonese and realised that I wouldn’t get very far at all under my own steam. So I approached ILC initially to ensure that I was at least doing something each week towards learning the language in a regular and systematic way. I have had only a one hour lesson each week now for just over a year and in that time Charles has brought me to the point where I can communicate in everyday situations and pick up quite a lot of what people are talking about.

Learn Mandarin in ILC

I have been learning Mandarin at the ILC for about 2 months, I feel my Mandarin improved a lot and now I can speak a little bit when I go to China for business, sometimes, I need to have presentation in Mandarin, now I can slowly manage to do that, my teacher helped me to build up my confidence. I understand that tones are very important in Mandarin, therefore my teacher told me to keep practising the tones, at the beginning, it is really tough, since all my tones were wrong, and it was so frustrated to correct every single words, but now I can pronounce the tone perfectly , this is really really helpful for my mandarin learning.

Levi Maverick

Cantonese lesson Intensive

Me and my wife took Cantonese intensive course in Hong Kong in the year 2010 for 2 months, we were doing Monday to Friday 3 hours a day, I believe this is the best way to learn a foreign language, and after 2 months studies, I was right, the centre is very easy to find and teachers, there are very friendly and helpful, my teacher, Jassie is very professional, she is local Cantonese, speaks perfect English, she taught us the Cantonese romanization system, and correct our pronunciation mistakes, I learned a lot with her, she is a very strict teacher but I know she wanted us to speak perfectly, learning Cantonese is never easy but it is not impossible.

Rodolf Roland

Learn Cantonese

Hi, My name is Elisabeth, I have been taken Cantonese Course Hong Kong with my Cantonese tutor, Alex for 2 years, I am from Germany, my native language, of course, is German, and I realised that the grammar in German is similar to Chinese, this is a great advantage for me! I have been living in Hong Kong for 3 years, I could hardly understand anything when I first came to this city, but now, after 2 years studying Cantonese in Hong Kong, I am quite confident to speak to the local people as well as making friends with them, learning Cantonese is tough, but I think it is not impossible, I would suggest you take Cantonese Course Hong Kong two or three times a week, 1.5 hours each time, after two years, you will be like me!

Elisabeth Ursel

Mandarin Lesson in Hong Kong

Learning Mandarin in Hong Kong is a fantastic experience! I work in a media company, I need to travel to China quite often. while travelling in China, I believe that Speaking Mandarin is a must, people in mainland China do not speak very good English, therefore, I must learn Chinese! I am a native English speaker, Chinese for me is really difficult at the beginning, especially the tones, but after 6 months, I am very happy about learning the Mandarin tones, I think the language is beautiful with rhythm, my tutor Jessie told me that learning the tones is the most important thing in learning Chinese, I trust her,  and now my Chinese ascent is perfect! I will keep learning Mandarin Chinese!

Joan Brandie

Learning Cantonese in ILC

This is already my 6th months learning Cantonese in Hong Kong, I started learning Cantonese in the U.K online, I learned a few words but couldn’t make a full sentence, ILC seems to provide very good Cantonese course Hong Kong. my teacher in ILC told me how to make a sentence in Chinese with correct grammar, I think I really need a Cantonese tutor to teach me and practice with me the tones and sentence structure. I believe that I found the right place to learn Cantonese, if you are interested in learning Cantonese, you may try ILC.

Seyyed Hannes

Jason from Mandarin class

student takes mandarin lessons in hong kong

I have taken Mandarin lessons at the International Language Centre for a year and a half. I received a 94% in my HSK II exam. I will soon take my HSK III in a few months. The lessons have been really helpful. It would be very difficult to learn without them. 谢谢老师!

Jason (Australia)

Arielle Mandarin student

student learning mandarin in Hong Kong

I have been taking Chinese lessons here for about a year already and my teacher is very good. Last December, I passed HSK 2 and HSKK Beginner in less than a year. Will continue taking lessons and hopefully pass HSK 3 soon! My Chinese teacher well. Now I can read and write and speak Chinese.