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Intensive Cantonese Course in Hong Kong is designed for students who are interested in learning Cantonese language and eager to quickly grasp the language in a short period of time, our intensive course has 3 levels, beginner intensive Cantonese course, intermediate intensive Cantonese course and Advanced level intensive Cantonese course, each level has 60 hours, class will be held from Monday to Friday, 20 days in a month, 3 hours each day. We offer private Cantonese lesson, group Cantonese course and in company Cantonese training.

Course outline: Beginner Cantonese Course / Intermediate Cantonese Course / Advanced Cantonese Course

Length: 60 hours in each level, 20 days in total, Monday to Friday

Starting date: please see group schedule here / Private lesson (Flexible schedule)

Tutor: Native from Hong Kong, degree holder in lingustics or Chinese language

Registration method: Please send us an email to make a reservation here.

Who should take this course?

if you are looking to quickly improve your Cantonese language skills

if you are interested in Cantonese language and the Cantonese culture

if you live in Hong Kong and want me make more Hong Kong friends

if you are tired of speaking English and want to try something new

if you want to learn a new langauge and be challenged

How do we teach in this intensive Cantonese course?

only practical Cantonese language will be taught

pronunciation, grammar, sentence pattern and Cantonese culture will be taught

we use interactive way to let all students have the chance to practice speaking and listening

handout, textbook, audio material will be provided in each lesson

we take our students to the streets to let them listen and speak to the locals

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