Intermediate Cantonese Course

Cantonese Intermediate Course
is designed for the students who have already completed Cantonese Beginner level and intend
to further improve their Cantonese, it is focused on student's fluency in speaking practice in real life settings in a more complicated situations, such as going to the airport, attending a wedding party, going to see movies, discussing travel plans, talking about hobbies etc.

The course designed to familiarize students with newly acquired vocabulary and grammar points through language tasks/activities and contextualized exercises in real life setting through speaking, listening and writing.

◆Student with Elementary level of Chinese or finished taking the Cantonese basic courses
◆Good at Romanization system with no problem on simple daily conversations

Course Content
◆ Let's first know each other
◆What is favorite Cantonese food?
◆Do you like shopping in Hong Kong?
◆I am sick...
◆Getting married...
◆ Traditional Chinese wedding
◆ Watch a Chinese movie
◆ Traveling in Hong Kong
◆ Write an email
◆ My future is not a dream
◆ Chinese life style
◆ Traditional Chinese festival
◆ Looking for a job
◆ Buy a house in China
◆ Chinese Grammar - Conjunctions

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Cantonese Intermediate Course