Beginner Cantonese Course

Cantonese Beginner Course Hong Kong



Cantonese Beginner Course is designed to familiarize the students with the use of daily expression with basic vocabulary and grammar points. Vocabulary introduced based on everyday conversations and daily usage. Real life settings are introduced such as Greetings, Numbers, Taking Transportation, Weather, Go shopping, Introducing family members and asking directions, etc.



Cantonese Beginner Course in Hong Kong is designed for non Cantonese speakers who have nothing in Cantonese and want to learn it as their second language. Beginner courses included Cantonese phonetics, survival phrases, daily useful expressions.



Student with nothing or very limited Cantonese Chinese, English or Mandarin speakers



Local Hong Hong instructor with Master Degree in Teaching Chinese as a second language


Total hour:

30 (Level 1) + 30 (Level 2)


Course Syllabus: (Level 1 & 2)

◆Unit 1: Introduction of Cantonese Romanization System
◆Unit 2: Everyday useful expressions
◆Unit 3: Number 1 to 99
◆Unit 4: Here is my friend
◆Unit 5: Taking transportation
◆Unit 6: How much is this?
◆Unit 7: Do you have a bigger one?
◆Unit 8: What time is it?
◆Unit 9: I go shopping with my friends
◆Unit 10: What do you like to eat?
◆Unit 11: Where do you live?
◆Unit 12: It will rain next week
◆Unit 13: The shop is behind that bank
◆Unit 14: I cannot go to work
◆Unit 15: Have you ever been to China?
◆Grammar: Past tense/Past continuous tense
◆Grammar: Final particals/Action in recent past/Past experience/Progressive tense


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Facts about Cantonese


  • Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong, Macau and Canton provinces
  • over 60M people all over the world speak Cantonese
  • Cantonese has 9 tones!
  • Cantonese is not easy, but it's really really fun to learn!


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Cantonese Beginner Course Hong Kong


Cantonese Beginner Course

Hi, This is Eko, I am a Japanese, I took Cantonese course for Beginners when I came to Hong Kong 3 years ago, I realized that learning Cantonese can really help me a lot for daily things, since my English speaking skill is not very good, therefore, Cantonese becomes more important, now I am taking Cantonese class with my teacher, Joan Lee, she is from Hong Kong, I would highly recommend her as the Cantonese teacher in this centre.

Eko (Japan)

Cantonese Course

I love Hong Kong and the language, I knew Cantonese language will be a very tough language to learn but I chose it! I was very unsure if Mandarin or Cantonese should be the language to learn, but my teacher from ILC told me that if I live in Hong Kong and work here, I should take Cantonese lessons, after 1 year of studying at the centre, I felt my Cantonese speaking levels improved so much! When I first came to Hong Kong in 2002, I could not speak a word, but now I can speak a full sentence with grammar all correct! I am going to learn the Chinese characters very soon!

Daren Robina

Learn Cantonese for over 6 years

What an enjoyable and instructive way into a difficult language! After 18 months of Cantonese Language Courses Hong Kong at the ILC in Central, I can safely say that it’s one of the best investments of time and money I have made here in Hong Kong. Learning Cantonese in Hong Kong is essential!

Dan Cotton (UK)

Intensive Cantonese Lesson

I took 40 days, Monday to Friday intensive Cantonese lesson in Hong Kong in 2013, this program covered 2 levels, Cantonese Beginner course level 1 and 2, in this 120 hours intensive language course, I learnt a lot, I had tried to learn the Cantonese language by myself before coming to Hong Kong, but my pronunciation was so terrible at that time, now with their help, I can speak the language really really good! Thank you!


Cantonese Tutor in Hong Kong

I was looking for a great location and great Cantonese tutor to improve my Cantonese, ILC was the best so far, it is located in Central area near my office in Charter House, I can come to the centre in 5 minutes times, I have been living in HK for almost 3 years, and I have been taking their lesson for about 1 year and half, I am very satisfied with their performance, and most importantly I can talk to the locals now!


Cantonese Language School Hong Kong

I have been living in Hong Kong for 2 years, I slowly realised that learning the Cantonese language is very helpful for my daily life, I don’t have to be fluent in the Cantonese language, but my goal is to understand daily conversations including shop talk and taxi words, these are very important to me in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t say you cannot live in Hong Kong without speaking Cantonese, but if you speak a little, it definitely will make your life much easier, so a year ago, I started to look for Cantonese language schools in Hong Kong, I have tried a few schools, but ILC is so far the best language learning centre, the material they used in very up-to-date and their Cantonese teachers are very nice and experienced, learning Cantonese is not a easy job, but it indeed very fun.

Bristol Sal

Learning Cantonese in Hong Kong

ILC is offering the best Cantonese course in Hong Kong. Hong Kong being what it is, I found that I didn’t have much time in the week to focus on learning Cantonese and realised that I wouldn’t get very far at all under my own steam. So I approached ILC initially to ensure that I was at least doing something each week towards learning the language in a regular and systematic way. I have had only a one hour lesson each week now for just over a year and in that time Charles has brought me to the point where I can communicate in everyday situations and pick up quite a lot of what people are talking about.

Cantonese lesson Intensive

Me and my wife took Cantonese intensive course in Hong Kong in the year 2010 for 2 months, we were doing Monday to Friday 3 hours a day, I believe this is the best way to learn a foreign language, and after 2 months studies, I was right, the centre is very easy to find and teachers, there are very friendly and helpful, my teacher, Jassie is very professional, she is local Cantonese, speaks perfect English, she taught us the Cantonese romanization system, and correct our pronunciation mistakes, I learned a lot with her, she is a very strict teacher but I know she wanted us to speak perfectly, learning Cantonese is never easy but it is not impossible.

Rodolf Roland

Learn Cantonese

Hi, My name is Elisabeth, I have been taken Cantonese Course Hong Kong with my Cantonese tutor, Alex for 2 years, I am from Germany, my native language, of course, is German, and I realised that the grammar in German is similar to Chinese, this is a great advantage for me! I have been living in Hong Kong for 3 years, I could hardly understand anything when I first came to this city, but now, after 2 years studying Cantonese in Hong Kong, I am quite confident to speak to the local people as well as making friends with them, learning Cantonese is tough, but I think it is not impossible, I would suggest you take Cantonese Course Hong Kong two or three times a week, 1.5 hours each time, after two years, you will be like me!

Elisabeth Ursel

Learning Cantonese in ILC

This is already my 6th months learning Cantonese in Hong Kong, I started learning Cantonese in the U.K online, I learned a few words but couldn’t make a full sentence, ILC seems to provide very good Cantonese course Hong Kong. my teacher in ILC told me how to make a sentence in Chinese with correct grammar, I think I really need a Cantonese tutor to teach me and practice with me the tones and sentence structure. I believe that I found the right place to learn Cantonese, if you are interested in learning Cantonese, you may try ILC.

Seyyed Hannes