Beginner Cantonese Course

Cantonese Beginner Course Hong Kong


Cantonese Beginner Course is designed to familiarize the students with the use of daily expression with basic vocabulary and grammar points. Vocabulary introduced based on everyday conversations and daily usage. Real life settings are introduced such as Greetings, Numbers, Taking Transportation, Weather, Go shopping, Introducing family members and asking directions, etc.


Cantonese Beginner Course in Hong Kong is designed for non Cantonese speakers who have nothing in Cantonese and want to learn it as their second language. Beginner courses included Cantonese phonetics, survival phrases, daily useful expressions.


Student with nothing or very limited Cantonese Chinese, English or Mandarin speakers


Local Hong Hong instructor with Master Degree in Teaching Chinese as a second language

Total hour:

30 (Level 1) + 30 (Level 2)

Course Syllabus: (Level 1 & 2)

◆Unit 1: Introduction of Cantonese Romanization System
◆Unit 2: Everyday useful expressions
◆Unit 3: Number 1 to 99
◆Unit 4: Here is my friend
◆Unit 5: Taking transportation
◆Unit 6: How much is this?
◆Unit 7: Do you have a bigger one?
◆Unit 8: What time is it?
◆Unit 9: I go shopping with my friends
◆Unit 10: What do you like to eat?
◆Unit 11: Where do you live?
◆Unit 12: It will rain next week
◆Unit 13: The shop is behind that bank
◆Unit 14: I cannot go to work
◆Unit 15: Have you ever been to China?
◆Grammar: Past tense/Past continuous tense
◆Grammar: Final particals/Action in recent past/Past experience/Progressive tense

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Facts about Cantonese

  • Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong, Macau and Canton provinces
  • over 60M people all over the world speak Cantonese
  • Cantonese has 9 tones!
  • Cantonese is not easy, but it's really really fun to learn!

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Cantonese Beginner Course Hong Kong