Advanced Cantonese Course

Advanced Cantonese Course in Hong Kong


Cantonese Advanced Course is designed for the students who have already completed Cantonese Intermediate level and intend to further improve their Chinese, it is to familiarize the expat students with the use of complex expression with high level vocabulary and grammar points. Vocabulary introduced based on complicated satiation.

The course designed to familiarize students with newly acquired vocabulary and grammar points through language tasks/activities and
contextualized exercises in real life setting through speaking, listening and writing. After taking this course, students are expected to know:


  1. ◆ Student with Intermediate level of Chinese or finished taking the Cantonese Intermediate courses
  2. ◆ Known around 800 Chinese characters & familiar with grammar structure
  3. ◆ Perfect in pronunciation and have a basic understanding of Chinese culture Course


  1. ◆ It's a misunderstanding
  2. ◆ A football match
  3. ◆ Visit Chinese families
  4. ◆ Let's talk about Beijing dialect
  5. ◆ Fall in love at frist sight
  6. ◆ TV advertisement
  7. ◆ Spring festival
  8. ◆ Average salary in your country
  9. ◆ Hong Kong V.S Shanghai
  10. ◆ Economic crisis
  11. ◆ WTO
  12. ◆ A metaphor
  13. ◆ China Stock Market
  14. ◆ Understanding Chinese Traditonal Art
Cantonese advanced course