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We recently received lots of inquiries on Arabic language lesson in Hong Kong, why people are trying to learn Arabic? Being the 5th most spoken language in the world, nowadays, over 237,000,000 people are speaking Arabic language, and the amount is growing everyday! People are starting to realize the importance of Arabic language and its interests, and the great speed increase in Mid east economy makes speaking Arabic more and more important,

The Beauty of Arabic Language

Arabic is one of the most beautiful languages and the language of Holy Quran, learning Arabic not only give you the ability to speak a new language, but also open your eyes to a new perspective on the world we are now living in. Arabic grammar is incredibly fascinating and has the most gorgeous logic to it, you will find the language is completely different from English, European languages, Chinese, and other Asian languages.

Three levels will be taught in Arabic course:

Arabic Course Hong Kong - Beginner level:
  • Letters – alif, baa, taa, and thaa
  • Short vowels - ‘fatHa’, ‘damma’, and 'kasra'
  • Long vowels – aa, uu, ii
  • Connecting and non-connecting letters
  • Jiim, haa, khaa, waaw, and yaa
  • Short vowels - 'sukoon'
  • Hamza, daal, raa, zaay, siin,shiin, saad, daad
  • The 'Shadda'
  • Taa, Dhaa, A’ayn, ghayn, faa, qaaf, kaaf, laam
  • The 'laam alif'
  • Miim, nuun, and haa
  • The 'alif laam'
  • The 'dagger alif'
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Writing one letter particles
  • Using the dictionary
  • Greetings
  • ‘Hadritak’ and 'Hadritik
  • Meeting people
  • Introductions
  • Gender
  • Addressing people
  • ‘ItfaDaal’ and 'ItfaDaali'
  • Expressing feelings
  • Visiting people
Arabic Course Hong Kong - Intermediate level:
  • Friends, careers and hobbies
  • Pronouns
  • The past tense
  • Quantities rules
  • Using the dictionary
  • Family and friends
  • The weekend
  • Finding information
  • Forming questions
  • The third form of the present tense
  • Infinitive verbs
  • Prepositions and pronouns
Arabic Course Hong Kong - Advanced level:
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • The dual rules
  • Dual agreement
  • Returning home
  • Similarity
  • Demonstrative pronouns
  • The extended family.
  • Around the house.
  • Forming questions.
  • Forming negative questions and sentences.
  • Personal Pronouns.
  • My future
  • Pronouns
  • Negation
  • Conditionals

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Learn Arabic in Hong Kong

Learning Arabic is challenging for most of English and Chinese speakers, but after taking the Arabic Beginner course for 60 hours, I must say that I really really enjoy learning the Arabic language, not only because the interesting language, and also the beauty of this language, learning Arabic is only because of my job at the beginning, but now, I love this language and it becomes to my hobby! Thank you International Language Centre for providing such a great Arabic learning school for me!

Zhen Hui

6 months Arabic lessons in Hong Kong

I love Arabic language! We were going to locate our business in Arabic speaking countries recently and Arabic language is a must to learn before we go there, I took 6 months Arabic lessons in Hong Kong with my tutor from Egypt, he is an excellent tutor, he taught me about the language, grammar, pronunciation, culture and everything I need to know before going to a absolutely new country, now I have more confident to speak to the local and understand more about the culture.

Roxane Joséphine

Arabic Tutor in Hong Kong

To be honest, I don’t know why but finding a Arabic tutor in Hong Kong is such a difficult task for me, I tried a few language schools before, but I have to say they are not professional enough for me to learn the Arabic language, I have been taking lessons with International Language Centre since 2015, until this moment, I am very satisfied with me teacher and the centre, I believe it is a great place to learn the Arabic language, I high recommend ILC.

Zhang Heng Min (Chinese)