Mandarin Course

A brief Introduction...


Spoken by over 1.2 billion people, Mandarin Chinese language becomes more and more popular now. In 2006, ILC started Mandarin language program, today, no matter if you are interested in Private lesson, group course, or intensive class, we can help you to learn this language in a shortest time effectively. We offer conversational Mandarin and Business Mandarin, at here, you can also learn how to write Chinese characters!


6 Reasons why you should learn Mandarin in Hong Kong...


1.Hong Kong is a place where Chinese and Western culture are well mixed, in here, most Hong Kong people speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English, over 30% of the people in Hong Kong don't speak English, so the only way to communicate with them is Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese, and you know Mandarin language is much easier!


2. To do business in Hong Kong and China, Mandarin language is a must! China business is growing rapidly now, Chinese people are doing business with all over the world, given their English is still improving, learning Mandarin becomes the direct way to communicate with Chinese businessman, and Hong Kong is the gateway.


3. To understand Hong Kong culture and life style. Hong Kong is an amazing place to live, people from Europe, America, Asia all come to Hong Kong, to better understand Hong Kong people and their traditions, Mandarin can be a better tool to help.


4. Mandarin is so interesting! Yes, it is, after learning this language, you will find out that actually Mandarin Chinese makes a lot of senses, especially Chinese character, it is beautiful and meaningful.


5. If you can speak Mandarin, you can confidently travel across Southeast Asia like Korean, Malaysia, Taiwan as son on, you can speak Mandarin with the local people with no language barrier, it is great!


6. Great Mandarin teacher is Hong Kong! There are many great Mandarin Chinese language teachers in Hong Kong, Mandarin teachers in Hong Kong are well trained with very open eyes to international, great communication skills, fluent English speaking in Hong Kong, you will find the best teachers!


Why I should take Mandarin course in your centre?

  1. We are passionate to teach this language!
  2. International Language Centre is located in a very convenient place in Central Hong Kong
  3. Our teachers are qualified with Master Degree in Teaching Chinese a foreign language
  4. Tailor made material made learning Chinese more fun and efficient
  5. Other than learning in a small classroom, we take our students out to talk to people and show them Hong Kong
  6. Flexible schedule and nice teacher make your life easier
  7. Variety of learning methods, private lesson, group course or company training, one must fit your need


How do you teach Mandarin?

Mandarin Course in International Language Centre are taught in a customized teaching methodology that proved to be the most effective way for teaching foreign language. We continuously implement advanced systems that focus on practical and simple training with examples and up-to-date syntex.

The class will normally be divided into several parts including:
madnarin course correctPhonic study
madnarin course correctGrammar study
madnarin course correctSentence structure
madnarin course correctFormal Chinese and informal Chinese
madnarin course correctChinese culture
madnarin course correctSocial Conversational skills
madnarin course correctChinese Characters
madnarin course correctChinese idioms and proverbs

All students who finish taking Mandarin Course Hong Kong are expected to having a comprehensive understanding on Mandarin/Cantonese phonic system, grammar system, conversation skills, Chinese culture & customs, and over 3000 Chinese characters! Books, newspapers,  magazines, visual materials such as animations or videos will be used when having lessons.

Private Lesson 1 to 1

-Flexible schedule fits busy people
-Tailor-made material only for you
-Flexible cancellation policy
-You will learn fast in here!

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Group Course

-Weekday Morning Class
-Weekday Evening Class
-Saturday Class
-Intensive Class (Mon - Fri)

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In-Company Training

-We go to your office for teaching
-Fits for colleagues learn together
-Tailor-made materials for work place use
-Flexible time fits busy schedule

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Great experience!

What a great experience taking Mandarin lesson in Hong Kong in the International Language Centre! With 6 months  in the Mandarin Beginner Course in 2010, I could already spoke a lot and talked to the local people when I went to a Shenzhen trip! The teachers and my other classmates are so nice and helpful, I could not have done that without them!

Hidayat Ketut

class atmosphere is brillant

I was amazed at the quality of mandarin course in ILC. their Mandarin course has really helped our business and me for my personal interest, I have been thinking to learn Mandarin for a long time since I graduated from University, In 2009 Summer I came to Hong Kong and found this school, luckily I took the Beginner Mandarin Course Level 1 and 2, in 60 hours course, I could already start to speak, the class atmosphere is brillant!

Barnard D (USA)

Learn Mandarin in Hong Kong

Learning Mandarin in Hong Kong become a great experience, I am a banker myself, my schedule is always busy, therefore, I can only take private lessons, I need the flexibility of the lessons, I came to International Language Centre in Central in 2012, the place is very close to my office, and the teachers there are very professional with high flexibility, I know I need to learn more Mandarin and do my homework, sorry my teacher, I forgot to do my homework again, see you in the class! 🙂

Romana Veronica (Italy)

Mandarin Lesson in Hong Kong

ILC is a fantastic place to learn languages and I highly recommend it! A few months ago when I was in search for a good school to improve my Mandarin speaking. I was very lucky to have found ILC as I believe it is the most effective school I’ve tried. In just a short amount of time, I began to be able to make basic conversations!

Claire Hau (Hong Kong)

Mandarin Tutor Hong Kong

I was trying to learn Mandarin language by myself in 2010, at the beginning, the tones in Chinese language really drives me crazy, especially the 2nd tone and the 3rd tone, for me, the sound the same, and I knew the tones really tell the difference between one word and another, I think I must find a Mandarin tutor in Hong Kong, I enrolled a 30 hours Beginner Mandarin Course in ILC, after 10 hours lesson, I felt much confident with the tones, my teacher, May is really patient when she was teaching me Mandarin, now I can speak accurate Mandarin already.

Jeong-Hui Ji-Woo (Korean)

James Learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin in the International Language Centre was an amazing experience! I took 60 hours intensive Mandarin course here, and I learnt so much. In this 60 hours course, I realised that I have learned more than my 6 months Mandarin course before, our Mandarin tutor is nice, friendly and professional.


Mandarin Language Course – Kelda Jeanette

Learning Mandarin has never been so interesting! Me and my husband moved into Hong Kong 2 years ago, and we started learning Mandarin since then, we took a 30 hours Mandarin course in Wanchai, honestly It was not what we were looking for, I wouldn’t say the tutor is not good, but I think learning a language should be more interesting than just reading the book and repeating the words, therefore, after 30 hours class, we decided to leave, 2 months after that, we picked up Mandarin again, this time, we found the ILC which is located in Central, the class is always fun and professional, teachers there make learning Mandarin language more fun, I like the teaching method and after 3 months learning at ILC, I think my Mandarin improved a lot!