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Hong Kong Language Learning Centre

International Language Centre, ILC, was found in 2006 in Hong Kong, dedicated to furthering language learning for all people who are interested in learning Mandarin, Cantonese, English and many other languages.

Hong Kong is a place where Chinese and Western culture are well mixed, in here, no matter you are in a business sector or you want to get into the society, you need the language to reach your goal.

Why Us

We are practical and passionated to teach you not only the language, but also the culture, art and histroy of the language. Our courses are well-designed with the most updated teaching Methodology, we believe that our well trained and qualified teachers made us a success! We have the best teachers who engage in teaching languages over 10 years in Hong Kong, they have a wealth of practical experience as well as certificate of language and all of them had conducted language training programs and been assessed in our centre.

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Most Popular Courses

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Learning at ILC is fun and enjoyable!

"Studying Chinese at the International Language Center has been an excellent
experience.Mandarin class hong kong

As a foreign language teacher myself, my standards are quite high, and all my
expectations have been met or exceeded. My teacher is consistently patient and
friendly, the classroom atmosphere is positive and relaxed and the materials used
are top-notch. I have made great progress since I started studying at the International Language Center and I couldn’t have done it without them!"

Christine O'Donnell

"What an enjoyable and instructive way into a difficult language! Cantonese lesson hong kong

After 18 months of lessons at International Language in Central, I can safely
say it's one of the best investments of time and money I've made here in Hong Kong. Cantonese is a difficult language, but being a Westerner who can happily get by in taxis, restaurants, estate agents and in simple chit chat at work definitely sets you apart and
opens new doors and hearts with local people.

The learning has been fun, personal and flexible to my job and commitments, and beyond steadily building my basic grasp of the language, attending lessons has also given insights into Hong Kong culture and history, which are rewarding in their own right.

I wouldn't say it's easy learning Cantonese, but it's worth it and this is a great place to do it."

Strategy Director, Media Company
Dan Cotton

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Teachers and Students

Mandarin classroom two learn_cantonese learn_mandarin Mandarin classroom two
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